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What if you had a better understanding our world and our place in it? What if you had a sense of what tomorrow would bring? It stands to reason that you would have the capacity to make better personal, investment and strategic decisions.


NxG: Dream-Dare-Do


Herbert Hoover famously said:

Children are our most valuable resource.

It is true. They will invent. They will discover. They will astonish.

The rising generation, as with every generation before it, is blessed with a youthful capacity for blue-sky thinking, and an eternal wellspring of creativity and invention. Indeed, what encouraging parent has not conveyed the age-old maxim “if you can imagine it, you can achieve it” to their progeny? Leaders must take this aphorism to heart with an open-minded, long-term and strategic view. Both generations must reflect upon not only the far-distant futures of their enterprises, but how they will adapt, what role family members will play, and crucially, what the consequences of their choices will be. Tomorrows world will be a different place.

How different depends on the inter-generational capacity to Dream, Dare and Do.

*Next-generation participants (Age 30 and under) can take advantage of our early bird offer and register free of charge until May 31, 2019.


Next-Gen Breakfast: Dream-Dare-Do

  • Intrapreneurship and blue-sky thinking

Next-Gen Dinner: Dream-Dare-Do

  • Domestic to international transitions

Inter-generational Breakfast: Dream-Dare-Do

  • New success from old failures

Inter-generational Dinner: Dream-Dare-Do

  • Isolate and exploit collective knowledge

Families Summit of Minds

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