BFF Live

Webinars and Podcasts

Every month, BFF Live will feature one of our ‘Friends of the Foundation’.

They will provide unique stories and perspectives on family business issues they have experienced, are working on or have succeeded with. Whether that be transitioning from one generation to the next, learning to become your family’s champion or how to cultivate lasting relationships in a decentralized world.

BFF Live: The vibrant family talk you’ll never want to miss...

Want to talk to a family business dynamo? In a safe space? With BFF Live webinars, you can. We have 12 next-gen thought-leaders primed to talk through tough issues - live, every month. This is live. Not pre-recorded, not edited. Never dull. Always honest. It’s the best family talk you’ll never want to miss.

Click. Listen. Ask. Learn.

BFF Live: The Inaugural Round Peg Dialogues Podcast

A series of thought provocative, well curated discussions with thought leaders.

Join Ali Borhani, BFF’s Geo-Strategy Expert, for our inaugural podcast.

Coming soon in September!


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