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Episode 5 - The Story of Eric Molson – Beer Baron of Canada

Join the 5th episode of Round Peg in conversation with Helen Antoniou Molson the author, the executive coach, the lawyer, and last but not least, the daughter-in-law of the legendary Eric Molson.

Back to Beer ... and Hockey is the biography of Eric Molson, the Chairman of Molson Coors Brewing Company. It is a chapter of Quebec’s history and how one of the most famous Canadian family businesses was seeded, survived and succeeded through seven generations.

Episode 4 - Family Business: Through The Asian Optics & With a Global Gaze

Join the 4th episode of Round Peg in conversation with Yuelin T. Yang, the Deputy Group Managing Director of IMC Industrial Group. IMC is one of the eldest and most reputable Asian conglomerates. In this episode, we discuss not only the rise of Asia but also the socio-cultural and emotional differences of how Asian family businesses tick and continue to outperform. 

Episode 3 - Climate Change: The Untold Story of the Carbon Footprint of Destruction & Conflicts

Perhaps the most pressing and important challenge we face today is climate change. Join me in this episode where I table an ultra unconventional proposal, and a bold way with which we can stop future invasions, arbitrary conflicts and wars, and how we can garner the biggest positive impact in mitigating climate change.

Episode 2 - Global Trade, Tariffs & Tantrums

In this episode of The Round Peg podcast, we are joined by the Honourable Perrin Beatty, The Chairman and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. 

Very few know Canada as well as Perrin. We ask Perrin about the future of world trade, tariffs and tantrums, and what all of this means for Canada: the challenges of being stuck between two major world powers, the rise of China, the arrival of a new C as Cannabis in the Canadian economy and why future generations are here to surprise us with all of this.
Join us in this podcast as it can’t get more Canadian than it does with Perrin. 

Episode 1 - A Life Changed: One Advice, One Question & One Mentor

In our inaugural episode of The Round Peg podcast, we are joined by Bob McBean the Chairman of Wentworth Resources Ltd.

What are the key learnings of his lifetime quest in finding energy offshore, onshore and within as a major entrepreneur in the oil and gas sector? We ask Bob why it pays to be naïve? Are next generation ready for today’s complex world? Are small circles of relationships more important than ever before? Join us in a lively conversation that takes you from Bob’s cocoon’s in Calgary to Middle East, Africa and beyond. 

Introduction to the Round Peg Podcast

At the Round Peg podcast, we focus on the wisdom of circular contemplation to constructively challenge your thinking to crystallize your optics - no idea is too crazy no dialogue too controversial.

Join us in discussion with the world-renowned entrepreneurs, policy makers, movers and shakers who care. Our guests are real, revealing and reliable.

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