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Episode 13Dynamic Dynasties

Some of the family businesses are older than many nations, countries, and governments. Very few have studied them as closely as Prof. Joseph Astrachan Ph.D., the Faculty Scholar with the Smith Family Business Initiative at Cornell University who has examined the success, succession, and failure of family businesses for more than 35 years. Listen now!

Episode 12 - The Accidental Entrepreneur

In conversation with Tareq Hadhad, the Founder and CEO of Peace By Chocolate.

The story of an entrepreneurial company built on the back of hope and perseverance of a Syrian refugee family promoting peace through chocolate and stewardship. Listen to how they managed to not only rebuild their lives and to sell their chocolate on earth, but also take their products and story to the UN, the US House of Representatives, and even all the way to the International Space Agency.

Episode 11 - The Secret Recipe of “The All in All” in One of the Most Successful Global Family Businesses

Disrupt From Within, Reinvent Regularly and Thrive Inclusively or Die Alone. Join our 11th episode in conversation with Antoine Mayaud, the former Board Member of AFM (Association Familiale Mulliez) and former Chairman of CreAdev.

Special Holiday Episode - Perfect Fits: The Best of Round Peg 2019

We’ve distilled the very best bits of 2019’s Round Peg podcasts. All you have to do is get cozy, sit back, and savor the highlights in our special year-end review. Don’t worry, 2020 will be packed with even more thought-provoking topics as we mine the world’s brightest brains. Happy holidays and best wishes for 2020!

Episode 10 - Refugees, Migrants & Us: The Intertwined Destiny of Humanity

Join the 10th episode of Round Peg in conversation with Senator Ratna Omidvar.  Senator Omidvar is an internationally recognized voice on migration, diversity and inclusion.

She is also a Councillor on the World Refugee Council, a Visiting Professor at Ryerson University. In addition, she is a Member of the Order of Ontario and Order of Canada with both honors recognizing her advocacy work on behalf of immigrants and devotion to reducing inequality in Canada and the world at large.

Episode 9 - The Naked Diplomat

Join the 9th episode of the Round Peg podcast with Tom Fletcher! Find out why diplomacy is an indispensable craft and what are the risks of atrophy in diplomacy.

Tom Fletcher is the youngest Ambassador of The United Kingdom in the past 200 years and was an advisor to 3 prime ministers. He is a visiting professor at New York University and the author of The Naked Diplomat. The book is a refreshing take on a new marque of diplomacy in a world of interconnectivity on the net, and yet a dividing, diverging and polarising era.

Episode 8 - The Age of Tech Rich and Poor Leadership

Join our 8th episode of Round Peg in conversation with Kawa Hassan the Vice President of Middle East and North Africa Program at EastWest Institute (EWI).

Kawa is author and co-editor of numerous publications and a frequent commentator on international, regional and national media about Middle East affairs. We discuss the deficit in global leadership and why albeit the rise of renewable energy, the Middle East and African affairs will remain relevant and reverberating across the world.


Episode 7 - The Serious Entrepreneur Turned Passionate Mentor

Join the 7th episode of Round Peg in conversation with Tony Bury. Tony is the founder of Mowgli Mentoring. You could also say he is a living encyclopedia of entrepreneurship. He believes that his life and success is centered on the mentors in his life. 

Join us in listening to the thoughts of a successful serial entrepreneur who believes we are all in our own Hero’s Journeys and why having a mentor is a must-have for any entrepreneur, intrapreneur and family business.

Episode 6 - Family Business: The Key to Success is LQ: Learning Quotient

Join Ali in exploring some of the key influencers in the success of family businesses. Also, explore how families can learn to unlearn, re-learn and to prepare their current and next generations for the exciting, unnerving and rewarding times in which we live in.

He believes family businesses are live performance stages for daily auditions of courage, screenplays of vision, and sheer power. Some scripts lead to generational sequels like a great movie, and some miserably fail. They can be dramas of broken relationships and bonds, or a laboratory in which values and integrities go through constant stress tests.

Episode 5 - The Story of Eric Molson – Beer Baron of Canada

Join the 5th episode of Round Peg in conversation with Helen Antoniou Molson the author, the executive coach, the lawyer, and last but not least, the daughter-in-law of the legendary Eric Molson.

Back to Beer ... and Hockey is the biography of Eric Molson, the Chairman of Molson Coors Brewing Company. It is a chapter of Quebec’s history and how one of the most famous Canadian family businesses was seeded, survived and succeeded through seven generations.

Episode 4 - Family Business: Through The Asian Optics & With a Global Gaze

Join the 4th episode of Round Peg in conversation with Yuelin T. Yang, the Deputy Group Managing Director of IMC Industrial Group. IMC is one of  the eldest and most reputable Asian conglomerates. In this episode, we discuss not only the rise of Asia but also the socio-cultural and emotional differences of how Asian family businesses tick and continue to outperform. 

Episode 3 - Climate Change: The Untold Story of the Carbon Footprint of Destruction & Conflicts

Perhaps the most pressing and important challenge we face today is climate change. Join me in this episode where I table an ultra unconventional proposal, and a bold way with which we can stop future invasions, arbitrary conflicts and wars, and how we can garner the biggest positive impact in mitigating climate change.

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