What is the Family Forward assessment tool?

Family Forward is an online assessment tool that helps enterprising families identify areas where their current knowledge may benefit from a deep strengthening of learning strategies.

The tool targets medium-sized to multi-generational enterprising or investing families. Within those families, the tool targets learning champions (chief learning officers) – individuals who can commit a family to a culturally-embedded mindset of continuous learning with a view to long-term success of the family and its enterprise.

The tool enables families to identify where and why they should allocate resources towards training current-generation and next-generation family.

What are the objectives?

The key objective of Family Forward is to encourage families to embed a learning culture within their ranks, regardless of where they sit on the learning continuum. Through six thematic categories, the tool entices family members to explore their strengths, weaknesses, values and goals (as individuals and as family) in the context of their enterprise. The tool is meant to accelerate the discovery of strategic methods that engage families, and to commit them to continuous learning across generations. With regard to precise outcomes, the tool seeks to:

  • Direct family members to specific educational resources offered by BFF and its partners.
  • Puts users on thought-provoking learning paths that inculcate a spirit of continuous learning.
  • Tracks participants’ progress over time and enable BFF to develop new learning programs.
  • Set a benchmark for current family-oriented assessment tools.
  • Set a benchmark for continuous assessment of the relevance and effectiveness of new BFF tools.
  • Help families foster mutual trust/respect and achieve greater potential for their long-term success.